The Team

Teresa Ocansey

Board Member and Resident of Wandle Housing

Teresa has 10 years experience in local government. Working for the LGA: a national membership body for local authorities who work on behalf of member councils to support, promote and improve local government.

Teresa has a BA (Hons) degree in Media studies and English literature from De Montfort university.

Teresa’s most recent role consisted of supporting projects within the financial sector.

Teresa is currently on the Board of Wandle Housing and serves on both the Audit & People & Governance committee. Teresa has been an involved resident since 2008 and served on Wandle’s Scrutiny Panel from 2010-13 as a member and then as the Chair. She was appointed to their Board in 2013 and actively promotes the customer perspective and takes every opportunity to add to her knowledge of the housing association sector. Teresa joined the Board to support the organisation on their journey in making a positive difference to their residents.

A key aspect of all the roles undertaken is having exceptional communication skills which she has been able to develop by working with many colleagues across various sectors.

She considers herself to be a positive force in the workplace and uses her influence and cheerful attitude to encourage others to work hard and succeed.