Danescroft Development Management LLP

Certificate of Commitment and Progress
Building Safety Stage 1: Leadership and Culture Awardee

‘Established in 1997, Danescroft has been involved in mixed use and residential development in the capacity of owner, investor, and developer.

Danescroft specialises in the promotion and management of large residential led sites, with a strong reputation for unlocking complex planning situations and providing robust ‘cradle to grave’ Development Management services. Danescroft’s in-house team’s experience covers every stage in the process with specific expertise in planning, procurement, and delivery. Our approach is to provide focused leadership and direction aligned with the business strategic mandate with a focus on implementation of the project business plan, cost, programme, quality, overall delivery and exit strategy.’

Our journey so far – what we’ve learnt

‘Danescroft have always been committed to ensuring that safety is at the forefront of what we do across all stages of development. The BSF Champion assessment has allowed us to obtain a detailed and objective understanding of our strengths and areas for development. The assessment highlights the work we do well, but critically it identifies our shortfalls. The assessment has given us a detailed appraisal against objective criteria. This will form a strong foundation from which to implement structured and targeted plans for continual improvement.

Danescroft has started on the BSF Champion journey to ensure that we are leading from the front and remaining up to date with a rapidly changing building safety environment. We want to ensure that we continuously strengthen our approach, culture and attitudes towards safety in all its forms. The Champion status will demonstrate Danescroft’s commitment to continuous improvement.

The Leadership and Culture survey has identified opportunities for us to enhance our existing processes to ensure that everyone in the organisation has the required level of understanding of building safety, relative to their role and responsibility. The results of the assessment provide us with the building blocks to improve our approach to Leadership and Culture in relation to building safety.

We look forward to continuing the BSF journey, demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement and gaining the practical tools to further develop our leadership and culture in the work we do.’