MHS Homes

Building a Safer Future Champion Awardee

‘The MHS Homes Group owns and manages 10,000 affordable homes in North Kent. We believe that everyone deserves a decent home and are committed to tackling the housing crisis in North Kent. We pride ourselves on being a visible high quality social landlord. Over 25,000 people live in our homes, and it is essential that these homes are safe and well managed.

Over the period 2021-24, we expect to build 660 new affordable homes. We will also invest heavily in our existing homes to ensure the highest standards of building safety and to ensure that they meet future environmental efficiency standards.

Our Journey So Far – What We’ve Learnt

‘Building Safety is of the upmost importance within mhs homes and we take it very seriously, so we’re proud to be leaders within the sector by embarking on this journey together with BSF.

Working with BSF as one of the early adopters of this assessment process has given us a chance to review how we manage building safety within our homes whilst providing insight into the organisation’s leadership and building safety culture.

Signing up to the BSF Champion process has been extremely valuable, not only in helping to highlight where we’re getting things right, but also to help demonstrate how we can make immediate and long-term improvements across the organisation. mhs homes are committed to continuous improvement and the BSF Champion assessment process has helped us significantly in this regard.

The data from the assessment has given us a solid foundation to build upon and will help shape how we engage with our colleagues and residents on the subject in future.

We’ve already implemented some important changes because of the assessment. It is essential that all colleagues, no matter their role or seniority, understand the importance of BSF and how they can feed into this. For example, we’re ensuring the induction process sets out clearly how anyone in the organisation can feed into building safety matters.

Going forward we will be forming a team of colleagues to monitor our internal processes, culture and to hold us to account when necessary. With this clear plan of action, we can ensure that we continue to build upon the leadership and culture successes within mhs homes.

BSF are shining a light on how to fully embed the building safety culture within the organisation and we’re looking forward to embracing the next stages and continuing to learn and develop along the way.’