Morgan Sindall

Building a Safer Future Champion Awardee

‘Morgan Sindall Construction is part of the Morgan Sindall Group plc. We are a leading construction company who employ around 1,300 people.

Morgan Sindall Group revenue for 2021 was £3.21b and Morgan Sindall Construction’s contribution to this was £694m. The Construction division typically complete 80-100 projects each year with values ranging from £250k to > £100m.

Our purpose is to create inspiring places that enhance the communities in which we all live, learn, work, play, care and protect. This means it’s not just about the buildings we construct but the impact these places have on people’s lives, on a daily basis right across the UK.’

Our journey so far – what we’ve learnt

‘Building Safety and our internal programme ‘100% Safe’ underpins everything we do. Part of our principles of safety is to plan our activities and undertakings in such a way that the buildings we construct are safe by design and are managed to minimise change, comply with standards, reduce error and ensure that all involved in our projects are safe both during pre-construction, construction and beyond. We had already signed the Building Safety Charter and wished to continue with the BSF Champion assessment enabling us to demonstrate that we are leading the way in building safety.

Our decision to participate in the BSF Champion assessment was easy to make as we believe assessing our current position and continuously improving building safety is critical to the performance of the industry.

The process has helped us gain insight into our current status in respect of our leadership and culture. Having an external ‘eye’ judge our culture has provided us with a greater awareness of our strengths and the areas where we can look to improve further.

We are delighted with the outcomes of the assessment which has been overwhelmingly positive. The findings concluded that our people trust and respect our culture and leadership to do the right thing with regards to building safety. To see that our people recognise that we are focused on competence, autonomy, skills, trust and accountability is fantastic.

Whilst the findings are positive, we recognise that we are on a continuous journey of improvement. An area for some improvement is that a small number of employees view building safety as either ‘workplace safety’ in the terms of putting our workforce to work in a safe environment, or getting ‘quality right’. We shall be putting in measures through our ‘100% Safe programme to ensure all our colleagues, supply chain and other stakeholders are aware that building safety is more than this. It is about behaviours and undertaking a principled approach to design, construction and maintenance of buildings keeping all who are involved in the life of the building safe.’