One of the questions that you will inevitably want to know is – how much is this going to cost me?

Our pricing structure is predicated on the following:

  • We are a not-for-profit organisation
  • Costs need to be scaled appropriately in terms of size of company and/or number of projects as this will affect the amount of time required for verification
  • Where appropriate, we will be using specially developed digital tools for efficiency
  • The human assessor/verification aspect is crucial for credibility and robustness.

We have also been mindful to ensure that our pricing structure is broadly in line with other established verification and audit systems that the industry are used to and which are similarly detailed, robust and complex.

Please Note: all fees are based on a single legal entity. Companies which operate under a group and which are separate legal entities will be required to participate individually.


As no two companies are the same, and because there are so many variables at play such as the size of your organisation and number of projects, for example, it isn’t possible to set one fixed fee.

Instead, your fee will be modelled on the needs of your overall assessment as these issues will affect the number of assessor days required.

The robust assessment process makes up the bulk of the costs, so the bigger your organisation and the greater the number and complexity of your business activities, the higher the overall price as this will require a higher number of assessor days. Conversely, if you are a small company specialising one principle activity or type of project then you can expect to pay less.

The criteria affecting price are:

  • Your principle activities and the complexity of your business model
  • The number of projects that are typically and currently ‘live’
  • The number of employees you have across your organisation.


The typical range of fees that you can expect as follows:

Building a Safer Future Champion Applicant Company Size A turnover of
A turnover of
A turnover of
A turnover of
over £100m
Annual Fee Range £700–£1,350 pa £1,350–£2,250 pa £2,500-£3,250 pa £3,500-£4,250 pa
Company Assessment and project review fee range (one off fee covers 2 years of status) £2,500–£4,000 £6,000–£7,500 £8,000-£12,500 £13,000-£20,500
Total Cost over two years (range) £3,900–£6,700 £8,700–£12,000 £13,000-£19,000 £20,000-£29,000
Equivalent to an annual cost of (range)… £1,950–£3,350 £4,350–£6,000 £6,500-£9,500 £10,000-£14,500

Please Note: the above fees DO NOT include VAT which will be charged at the prevailing rate.

Please Note: the fees stated here are subject to review and change at the discretion of Building a Safer Future Ltd.

In order to apply to participate in the Building a Safer Future Champion status process companies must be a Registered Signatory of the Charter first. If they are not, they will need to become a Registered Signatory before progressing to Building a Safer Future Champion status and additional annual fees will apply.

Term of Status and Renewals

Building a Safer Future Champion status is awarded for two years, with a ‘mid-term’ review at the start of year two, included in
the initial fees. A full re-assessment is required at the start of year three, charged at the prevailing rates.