Learning & Excellence Hub

What is the Hub?

The Building a Safer Future Learning and Excellence Hub is intended to become the primary resource for building safety best practice. It provides the Building a Safer Future community with opportunities to learn from one another and collaborate.

It includes learning examples either already in place or currently being developed by BSF community members and is for the benefit of the wider industry to promote a culture of sharing and learning. 

How to use the Learning & Excellence Hub

There are two main ways you can search the Learning & Excellence Hub:

  • Keyword or Topic Search – simply search for keywords or topics e.g. ‘Safety Case’ or ‘Duty Holder’
  • Charter Commitment Search – to find information and learning about how others are living and addressing that particular Commitment.

How to get the best out of the Hub

You can improve and enhance your experience and learning by becoming an active content provider on the Learning & Excellence Hub by:

  • Suggesting a topic or category area that should be created.
  • Submitting your own content for consideration.
  • Adding comments and feedback on existing Learning & Excellence Hub resources.
  • Saving your searches on the Hub to view at a later date.
  • Receive regular updates as new features are made available through our updates.

If you would like to submit an entry for the Learning & Excellence Hub, click here.

For any thoughts or feedback on particular resources, please use the ‘comment’ facility available within each resource.

Content Partners

We would like to invite you to consider becoming a content partner of the Learning and Excellence Hub.

As a content partner your organisation will be able to share existing and future content and resources related to building safety, showcasing your role and resources to this community. This may include sharing examples of best practice through articles, webinars, video interviews, blogs, case studies and news stories.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to become a Content Partner for Building a Safer Future.

Products Featured

There may be entries on the Learning & Excellence Hub which include references or links to specific products, materials, and services. They have been referenced on the Learning & Excellence Hub as they have been suggested by the Building a Safer Futures Champions, Registered Signatories, Supporters or Content Partners as helping them address or support the Charter’s Commitments.

Building a Safer Future recognises that there will be many other alternative products, services or companies that can provide similar and perhaps better solutions to support the Commitments of the Charter, and which could also be shared on the Learning & Excellence Hub and at no point does the Building a Safer Future endorse or encourage the use of any specific product, goods or services over another. Learning & Excellence

Branding Guidance for Registered Signatories

Branding Guidance for Registered Signatories

We have produced the following guidelines for organisations that become Registered Signatories to the Charter. These are to be used for any internal/external communications which are undertaken with regards to being a Registered Signatory. You are required to always adhere to these guidelines.

The use or reproduction of the Building a Safer Future logo is not permitted.

When planning any communication for internal/external use, you may use the following text in relation to being a Registered Signatory:

“[Your organisation’s name] is pleased to become a Registered Signatory of the Building a Safer Future Charter. [Your organisation’s name] recognises that becoming a Registered Signatory is an important first step towards achieving the culture and behavioural change required in relation to the Charter’s objectives around building safety. In confirming our support as a Registered Signatory, we will now be working to ensure that we embed the principles of the Charter into our organisation’s activities.”

Please be aware – Registered Signatories may not make any claims in relation to building safety as a result of their status, and being a Registered Signatory of the Charter does not represent any endorsement of an organisations approach to building safety.