Building a
Safer Future


Homes England becomes a Corporate Supporter of Building a Safer Future

The government’s housing and regeneration agency Homes England has affirmed its endorsement of Building a Safer Future (BSF) by becoming a Corporate Supporter, furthering its existing level of support as a Registered Signatory of the Building a Safer Future Charter. The status of Corporate Supporter identifies Homes England as a public supporter of the principles of BSF, and as an organisation that is committed to driving positive culture change in relation to building safety and using its leadership position to encourage others to engage with culture change in partnership with BSF.

In April Homes England contacted all companies on their Delivery Partner Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), encouraging them to register for the BSF Champion assessment.  and in its new five-year strategic plan it has since identified BSF as a key organisation to support in bringing about the required cultural change that has been identified.

Homes England and BSF intend to continue to work together over the coming months, promoting the message of the BSF Charter and the benefits of the Champion process in supporting organisations on the building safety improvement journey following the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Will Adie, Homes England’s Head of Building Safety said:

“As a Corporate Supporter, Homes England will be continuing to strongly encourage its Delivery Partners to engage with BSF. We will also explore different ways of embedding the requirement for engagement, for those companies who wish to join us in delivering well-built and safe homes for the people who need them.”

Gary Townsend Vila, Interim Chief Executive of BSF commented:

“Homes England were one of the first and most active public supporters of BSF in its drive to shift the industry’s culture and leadership around building safety. They have proactively used their position as a leading public agency to effect real and meaningful engagement and change across the house building sector. We are delighted to additionally welcome them as a Corporate Supporter and look forward to building on our already impactful collaborative partnership.”

The BSF Champion assessment gives companies detailed insight into their existing leadership and culture around building safety and equips them with actionable data and practical tools to help review and upgrade processes, driving meaningful and measurable improvement in leadership and culture around building safety, and in doing so, help rebuild public trust.

Companies can apply to participate in the BSF Champions programme by visiting the Building a Safer Future website on and completing the application form*, or alternatively emailing