Building a
Safer Future


Wates Awarded Stage 1 Certificate In Building A Safer Future’s Champion Assessment

Wates Construction Ltd – one of the UK’s biggest Tier 1 contractors – has recently been awarded the ‘Certificate of Commitment and Progress – Building Safety Stage One’ in recognition of their successful completion of Stage 1 (Leadership and Culture) of Building a Safer Future’s Champion assessment scheme.

The BSF Champion process – which was launched with a group of early adopters in August 2021 – is designed to support organisations working in the UK built environment industry in their ongoing journey of continuous improvement in relation to building safety, providing them with actionable data and practical tools to assist them in developing their leadership and culture.

Having completed Stage 1 of 2, Wates joins a growing tranche of organisations that are engaging in the assessment, achieving positive progress and reaping the benefits from the external eye being cast over their building safety culture.

Steve Elliott, Non-Executive Chair of Building a Safer Future, commented: “The leadership shown by Wates in stepping forward and taking part in the assessment is critical in helping to shift the industry towards improvements in building safety. I encourage many more companies to follow their fantastic example and sign up for the Champion process. Congratulations to Wates on the achievement of their Stage 1 certificate, and I wish them well for Stage 2.”

Gary Townsend-Vila, Interim Chief Executive of Building a Safer Future, commented: “Achieving the Stage 1 certificate is a terrific milestone, and I offer my congratulations to Wates for this recognition of their hard work and commitment. They should be proud of their leadership and I look forward to observing their progress in Stage 2.”

Building a Safer Future (BSF) is a non-profit organisation committed to raising standards in building safety and supporting required culture change in the built environment industry. Companies can apply to participate in the BSF Champions programme by visiting the Building a Safer Future website at and completing the application form*, or alternatively they can email